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Caught on Camera: Rottweiler Survives Elevator Hanging

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A Toronto woman has posted a disturbing video of her pet Rottweiler hanging by its collar to Facebook, in the goal of warning others dog owners of the potential danger when taking leashed pets on elevators.

On March 2, Tamara Seibert was taking the elevator to the ground floor of her building when one of her dogs’ leashes got caught in the door.

When the elevator started out to descend, she realized her Rottweiler’s dragging leash was caught up, so she started to pull on it.

The dog, named Vlado, was almost instantly hoisted into the air by his collar.

**Warning: Video contains graphic content**

Seibert anxiously grabbed his collar and pushed the elevator buttons, attempting to open the doors as her dog hung in the air. The dog fought, pawing at the door as his owner ripped at his metal collar, attempting to get it off.

“I just wanted to get him down,” Seibert said.

After the dog had hanging for about 30 seconds, the elevator doors opened and the dog fell to the floor. The two dogs then ran out of the elevator as Seibert held the doors open with her feet, cradling one hand in the other.

The skin on her hands was torn open by the dog’s metal collar, she wrote on Facebook of what she called one of the “most traumatic experiences of my life.”

When she found out a closed-circuit video camera recorded the whole incident, Seibert asked for a copy of the tape, and posted it to her Facebook page as a warning to others.

“I am posting this because thank god my dog survived but I want to warn people how fast something so simple can go horribly wrong (sic),” she wrote.

“I never want anyone else to ever go through this.”


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