The Dog Boot Dance

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You’ve decided that your dog requires boots. But as soon as you outfit them in their new boots… the boot dance begins… the paw shaking, high-stepping, boot dance!

In case this happens, don’t be concerned. Just as humans have a break-in period for their shoes, dogs will too! Here are a couple of tips to keep your dog from doing the boot dance:

  1. Right away engage your dog in their favorite activity to distract them from the boots. For instance, a walk, a trick, or fetch with their favorite toy.
  2. Dogs will require to build up a tolerance to the boots just like human shoes. Take your dog for short walks prior to your first long adventure with the boots.
  3. Ensure the boots fit. Determine your dog’s paw width (front and back) cautiously prior to buying the boots. A good fit enhances comfort and will guarantee the boots stay on the paws through demanding exercise.
  4. Use boot liners. Boot liners will not only enhance the fit of the boots, they will help keep your dog comfortable by softening any potential abrasion spots, insulating the boot, and wicking moisture away from the paw.

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