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Dog Rescued by Fishermen, Found Treading Water in Florida

Imagine being out on a boat, looking out on the water and seeing — a dog’s snout? That’s what a few fisherman came across last week in the waters of Tampa Bay — a small dog that was treading water, about 1 mile offshore, and nobody knows for just how long. She is unharmed now, […]


Dog Mimics an Emergency Siren by Howling

Sirens normally are not a dog’s preferred sound however this one has perfected a remarkable imitation – and it’s actual so loud it hides the original source This is the amusing moment a dog got so disappointed with a siren it made the decision to do a better job itself – and carried out an […]


Dog Rescued on Time From Frozen Lake

The poor dog had fallen into icy water. He starts to cry and call for help… hoping to be saved… And then all of a sudden the help comes… Thanks to the prompt work of the rescue team the dog is OK! We love happy endings! 🙂


Anne Hathaway Leaves Dog Poop on Photographer’s Car

Anne Hathaway put a bag containing her dog’s poop on the windshield of the photographer’s car in Los Angeles. The 31-year-old actress was walking her dog, when she was seen by paparazzi who took a couple of shots of her, Contactmusic reported. The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ star appeared unsatisfied about it and used her chocolate […]

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