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Dog Looks Guilty After Getting Caught in Swimming Pool

Baxter the dog was enjoying a swim in the inflatable pool, splashing around, when he suddenly realized he wasn’t alone. Jerry Gordon, his owner, watch out of his window and spotted his giant Schnauzer having fun… And then when Baxter noticed him recording, he made eye contact and stepped out of the pool. Baxter really […]


7 Smiling Dogs

Dogs are the perfect companion! They loves us unconditionally… and for sure dogs can make us (humans…) smile… But can they smile? Well… These pooches will prove that to you. 1. Who doesn’t like an awesome birthday party? Source: 17 Pics Of Dogs Smiling That Will Definitely Put You In A Great Mood – […]


Pups Eating Ice Cream

Here’s something that will make you smile… In the dog days of summer, consider kicking back and zoning out to almost 3 amazing minutes of dogs slobbering their way through bowls of ice cream. Watch & Enjoy:


6 Cute Before & After Pictures of Dogs and Their Owners

Dogs and their owners have an unbelievably bond… Growing together is one of the best things ever! Here are a few before and after pictures of dogs and owners growing up: source: source: source: source: source: source:


TOP 10 Cute Dogs With Babies Videos

We just LOVE dogs… They really are Man’s (and babies’) best friend! Here’s a compilation with the very best videos of dogs with babies… Watch & Smile:


German Shepherd Protects Her Lobster Friend

This is Sami, a German Shepherd! He’s famous for making friends easily… all kind of friends! In this video Sami is desperately trying to stop her lobster pal going into the pot for family dinner.


Dog Spa Treatment

No one loves SPA treatment more than this dog! It’s very hot in Thailand so Hashi and CK just love to jump into the bath tub and enjoy the Spa! How cute is this?


Dogs Being Pranked Special!

Today it’s Dogs being pranked special… Are you ready for a good laugh? A disappearing bone… A moving bowl… A moving arbust… And mysterious fire hydrant! Too much for these pups… LOL

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