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Top 10 Dog Breeds

Every good dog has its day, and today’s the day! Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 dog breeds. For this list, we’re looking at all varieties of pups from the petite to the huge, and are choosing favorites based on their demeanors and ease of training, as well as their […]


Tibetan Mastiff: A Loyal Guard Dog

Welcome to my ranch here, and I wanna introduce you to the breed and to my facility and help you better understand what the Tibetan Mastiff is all about. So come on, let’s meet some of the dogs. I usually keep my dogs here in sort of family packs. Usually, one male with several females […]


World’s ‘Oldest Dog’

This is Maggie the Kelpie. She was the world’s oldest dog. She has passed away while asleep in her basket last November. Maggie, who belonged to Australian dairy farmer, Brian McLaren, was 30 at the time of her death. That’s approximately 200 in human years. RIP Maggie.


Amazing Transformation of a Rottweiler

A doggy that was so disease-ridden its breed was difficult to recognize has won a best dog award after going through an incredible transformation. Tiny, the Rottweiler, was dying when he was rescued from a dog’s home in Taiwan after being abandoned. British expat Sean McCormack noticed the very sickly looking dog on a visit […]


The World’s Most Expensive Dog: a Tibetan Mastiff

A Tibetan Mastiff is believed to have become the most expensive dog in the world… The huge, slobbery dog with substantial amounts of hair used to be most widely known for herding sheep in Tibet, but has now turn out to be a luxury for the ultra-rich who want to spread their wealth over and […]


Rottweiler, an Athletic Breed

Due to irresponsible breeders and owners who neither raised nor socialized their dogs appropriately, the Rottweiler has developed an unreasonable status as a dangerous dog. Even so, their calmness, confidence and desire to please make them really popular for police, therapy, obedience, show, service and guide dog work. They are among the most popular breeds […]


Chihuahua Puppy Learning to Walk

Puppies are born crawling and must learn to walk just like human babies! Here’s Willow, the cutest Chihuahua puppy. In this video, she’s 4 weeks old and weights an amazing 8 oz! Watch Willow learning to walk.


World Record For Oldest Dog

Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, still holds the world record for oldest dog at… …29 years and 5 months of age, that is equivalent to a human with more than 200 years old! Les Hall of Victoria, Australia, got Bluey as a puppy in 1910, and the dog worked with cattle and sheep for nearly […]


The Guinness World Record Highest Dog Jump

The world record for the highest jump cleared by a dog is 68 inches and was accomplished by a greyhound named Cinderella May at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals in October 2006. Cinderella May, or Cindy as her owners call her, is more than simply a world-famous high jumper… …She’s also a R.E.A.D.-certified […]

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