Underwater Dogs Photography

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The exuberant, exhilarating photographs of dogs underwater that have become a sensation.

These images are the handiwork of award winning photographer Seth Casteel, who has captured the moment the water dogs break through the surface of the water to stunning effect.

The result is a collection of over 80 portraits, as Casteel seeks to capture a unique side to man’s best friend.

“My series of underwater photos show a side of dogs we never get to see” says Seth Casteel.

He adds “Through the course of shooting I have worked under water with more than 250 dogs.”

underwater dachshund

Rhoda – Dachshund (7-year-old) | Picture: Seth Casteel, Underwater Dogs

underwater pug

Duncan – Pug (5-years-old) | Picture: Seth Casteel, Underwater Dogs

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