This Dog Can Dance!

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A hairless dog is becoming famous across the world due to a hilarious video of the pup dancing in a chair.

The eight-year-old Chinese crested, named Nathan, shows off his moves at the home of one of the foster carers.

South Carolina rescue network Bald Is Beautiful shared the video of Nathan doing his ‘warm up dance’ on its Facebook page earlier this month. While the dog’s friends look on, not impressed, from a bed, Nathan grooves on a chair and looks to be enjoying himself.

‘He loves to dance in his chair,’ said Ellen Westkaemper, from the rescue network, which specializes in rehoming the distinctive breed. ‘This video only captures some of his sweet dance moves.’

Even though it seems like he’s attempting to scratch his back, Nathan is an agile dog who has learned to dance as a trick. The breed are known for their agility and cleverness, and plenty of them like to walk on their hind legs.

‘Nathan loves to dance in his chair and does so on command for his mom. The other dogs line up behind him to watch because when it’s done. they all get treats,’ Ms Westkaemper mentioned.


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