How to Teach Your Dog to Swim

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Dog’s are fantastic at catching balls, and hunting. However, they are likewise good at swimming If trained effectively. Follow this steps:

  1. Locate the ideal location for your dog to swim. A great spot to swim might be a pool, or a lake. Don’t try a river. River’s are too deep and will flood. Furthermore find a swimming place that allows dogs, and will accept them.
  2. Do your homework: Ensure you bring a ball, and a few doggie treats.
  3. Get your dog accustomed to the water. You may commence by tossing a ball into the swimming area to get your dog used to swimming. In case your dog goes in the water to get the ball, praise him with a Dog treat. Keep repeating the exercise, till you see that your dog is getting used to the water.

Here’s an amazing swimmer. It’s the craziest thing, a dog on a boat jumps right into the water and bites this shark and drags it to land:

  1. Now it is time to train your dog how to actually swim. Put the ball away, and go in the pool or lake. Tell your dog to come in and join you, just don’t be mean or firm. Begin swimming so your dog can get and understand the method. Take a doggie treat and wave it, your dog might come in.


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