How to Teach Your Dog to Swim

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The majority of dogs aren’t born knowing how to swim. Training a dog to swim isn’t actually a hard task, however it does require a willing dog and water deep enough that the dog are not able to touch bottom with his feet.

Step 1 – Decide on your location thoroughly. Bring in your dog to a small, quiet body of water with no waves or currents, like a kiddie pool or a pond.

Step 2 – Let your dog get close the water slowly. Allow him sniff the water and lap at it as he wishes, provided that it isn’t chlorinated pool water.

Step 3 – Motivate your dog to put his front feet in the water. Entice him in by taking several steps into the water ahead of him and offering him treats.

Step 4 – Fit your dog with a life jacket, collar and vest. Allow him a couple of minutes to walk around with his jacket on till he is calm and wagging his tail.

Step 5 – Walk your dog into the water slowly, leading him and coaxing him as needed. In case he stops, let him to relax again. In case your dog is uneasy with the experience, his posture will be rigid, his head will be low and forward, and his tail will be down and probably between his legs. In case he takes this posture, speak gently to him, however don’t let him to retreat from the water.

Step 6 – Prepare yourself for your dog’s reaction once his paws leave the bottom initially. Hold your arms under your dog’s belly. Bringing up his rear end will encourage him to kick with his hind legs and will prevent him from trying to swim with just his front paws.

Step 7 – Walk with your dog as he makes forward improvement, supporting his ribcage and stomach. Keep on supporting him till he is relaxed and is kicking actively with all 4 legs. When he begins to swim without encouragement or anxiety, take out his leash from his collar.


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