CarMax Re-creates Its Super Bowl Ad Shot for Shot With Puppies

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For its 1st Super Bowl appearance since 2011’s “Kid in a Candy Store,” the auto retailer and agency Silver + Partners have created a game-day spot called “Slow Clap,” along with a Web version called “Slow Bark” that re-creates the ad shot for shot with puppies.

In “Slow Clap,” a CarMax customer drives home in his new car, while a wide array of individuals line the street to give him solemn applause in the vein of a Hollywood sports drama. He passes cheerleaders, competitive pie eaters, a park ranger with a bear and several more, including a cameo from Sean Astin reprising his 1993 role from Rudy.

In “Slow Bark,” we see basically all the same stuff, but with pups. And it’s so cute and funny that it will be a huge success!


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