Rottweiler Mum Delivers a Litter of 15

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You might have heard of the 101 dalmatians however they’ve got nothing on the 15 rottweilers of West Moonah, Australia.

Born just 7 weeks ago, the adorable bunch is keeping first-time breeders Stacey Wheeler and Brani Marin with a lot to do!

“We thought there might be 10 or 12 because, from the ultrasound, we knew there was a lot but the veterinarian couldn’t tell us exactly how many there would be,” Ms Wheeler mentioned.

“And they just kept coming. After 12, Brani thought that would be it but I could tell she still had more to go.”


The first-time mum, four-year-old Koda, was in labour for more than 13 hours, with half the 10 females and 5 males born in the evening of Thursday, December 12, and the last one entering the world at 9.45am the next day.

“This is our first litter and it’s been very full-on but I’ve got a breeding mentor who’s helped me,” Ms Wheeler mentioned. “I don’t reckon we’d still have 15 if it wasn’t for her.”

The couple say they think the litter is one of the biggest recorded for a rottweiler in Australia.

“I’ve looked it up and there was 18 in the UK a few years ago but two died and there has been 15 in America as well,” Ms Wheeler mentioned.

“I think they all survived but it really is unnatural for a rotty to have so many. They usually have about eight.”

Six puppies have been sold. They will be old enough to go to new homes next week.


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