Rottweiler Puppy Parenthood

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Are you ready to be a Rottie Puppy parent?

A new puppy will take plenty of time, patience, love and money. The first couple of days may be a bit frantic however things will shortly settle into a routine. Here are a couple of things you’ll need to know:

  1. Ensure your puppy stays up-to-date with vaccinations and de-worming treatments. Rottweilers are especially prone to a viral disease called Parvo and you need to be extra-vigilant throughout these early weeks.
  2. Start housebreaking immediately and use a crate to help avoid ‘accidents’ in the house. One of the biggest parts of housebreaking a puppy is not letting bad habits to form. Always take your puppy to the same spot outdoors to ‘do his business’ and just allow him free-reign indoors if you’re supervising closely.

Rottie puppies are adorable! Here’s a video with 80 Seconds of Ridiculous Rottweiler Puppies:

  1. Commence training right away too. Rottweilers are very smart and keen to please. Begin with basic name recognition and housebreaking the moment you get home, and add basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ when your puppy feels at home. Rottweilers don’t require harsh corrections or training methods. They’re sensitive and intelligent, and will learn quickly if you use positive, reward-based training methods. As soon as your pup is fully vaccinated enroll him in a formal Puppy Obedience Class.
  2. Socialize him early, and all through his life. Rotties are a guardian breed and are naturally reserved, tending to be a bit distant or ‘stand-offish’ with strangers.


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