Puppy Training: Top 5 Tips

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It’s essential to have a well-trained puppy. Here are 5 essential tips to make your puppy’s training simpler for you and ideally more successful.

  1. Be Patient: If you are relaxed, your puppy will be less excitable. And please, no yelling!
  2. Treat Theory: We are talking bribery here, that’s the truth. Any time your puppy does something good, reward the behavior immediately with plenty of praise and a tasty, healthy treat.
  3. Secret Ignoring Business: Puppies think the whole universe orbits around them, and among the best things in life is all the attention they get. In case your puppy does something bad, don’t shout or reprimand; good or bad, it’s still attention. Basically move away and ignore it.
  4. Replacement Therapy: A puppy doesn’t realize what it can and can not do till it is told. Rather than punishing your pup when it chews on a shoe, say “no” in a firm voice, and then take the item away, replacing it with one of the puppy’s allowable chew toys. Right away praise it for chewing on the “good” toy.
  5. Be Consistent: Ensure you’re consistent with everything you do so your puppy doesn’t get puzzled.

Source: petmd.com

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