Stop Puppy Bad Behavior: 10 Tips

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Attempting to crack a bad puppy habit? Here are some basic tips to help you:

1. Who’s the Boss?

Let your dog know who the boss is from the beginning. Set up the rules and stick to them persistently.

2. Avoid the Wrong Situations

In case your dog shows bad behavior in specific situations or environments, stay away from those situations whenever possible.

Here’s Mr. Pepper, the Crazy Dachshund puppy behaving badly 🙂

3. Mind Your Dog

If you keep a close eye on your dog, you will immediately learn what it requires to be comfy and cared for.

4. Confine Your New Dog

As soon as you get a new pet, ensure you watch over it carefully during training and limit its accessibility to a small area of your home till appropriately trained.

5. Reward Good Behavior

Stimulate and reward good behavior.

6. Give an Alternative

Correct poor behaviors by offering your dog with alternatives (for example, replace a toy for your favorite tennis shoes or a chew stick in lieu of a table leg).

7. Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is great. In no way reprimand your dog physically or force it to follow your commands, as this may result in fear and aggression.

8. Keep it Tame

Avoid “rough house” with your dog or encourage aggressive behavior, because your dog cannot differentiate between when this is acceptable and when it isn’t.

9. Socialize Gradually

Gradually socialize your puppy exposing it to other people, animals and environments to ensure that over time, it gets comfortable with its living situation.

10. If All Else Fails, See an Expert

In case your pet carries on to show severe behavior problems, look for the advice of your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviorist.


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