Bold Pug Starts a Fight With a Police Dog

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Police officers were faced with a peculiar distraction in the course of a tense stand-off when a pug attempted to start a fight with a K-9.

The dog, called Champ, broke through the police cordon and sprinted down the street while armed cops were in the middle of a four-hour siege.

A gunman, who had robbed a Subway restaurant, barricaded himself in his home in Phoenix, Arizona, while a tactical unit placed themselves outside.

An aerial camera for ABC news 15 shot the weird moment, as the 2 dogs commenced barking at each other in the middle of the street.

As police urged the dog away from the unsafe scene, it anxiously tried to return, however officers ensured it would not come back.

At some point the pug made its way under the cordon before heading back, tail between his legs, inside its owner’s home.


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