Policeman Shoots Dog

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A police officer in Filer, Idaho described the occurrence to a colleague moments after it took place: “I get out to talk to the people, two dogs come around me, one of them’s growling and snarling. I kick it. It comes back around, now it’s growling and snarling. I kick it again. Then it lunges at me, I’m like, f*ck you. So, I just shot it.”

He does not sound broken up.

Yes, Officer Tarek Hassani exited his car on a quiet suburban street, kicked a black labrador 2 times, shot the dog, and left it to die in a snowy driveway. And then?

He issued its upset, distressed owner a $100 ticket for having it off-leash.

If you have a strong stomach, skip to the 13.50 mark in this video to judge his actions for yourself:

Source: theatlantic.com

3 responses to “Policeman Shoots Dog”

  1. KIM says:

    Cop is an asshole

  2. Zelda says:

    Tarek Hassani well the name says it all right. I would have shot the damn cop for killing one of my family members. Just saying.

  3. marsha says:

    He needs to be arrested. It’s obvious that the dogs were not putting him in danger. They were playing. He is a despicable person that has no right to carry a gun.

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