Avoid Becoming a Victim of Pet Flipping

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The really serious problem of pet flipping is getting national attention.

Justin Decker and his wife, from Jackson, MO, were sitting on the couch watching football on Sunday when they spotted an unknown car in front of the their house.

Once they took a closer look, they saw an individual attempting to get their dog to get in that car.

Decker explained by the time he got outdoors, the person was merely feet away from his boxer.

He was able to prevent anything from taking place however is aware that a trend like pet-flipping, selling stolen pets on-line, might possibly spread all over the country.

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While there is cause for worry with pet flipping, there are ways to help you avoid turning into a victim. Here are the top 5 tips to avoid becoming a victim of pet flipping:

  1. Spay/Neuter your pet. In case you aren’t breeding your pets, spaying and neutering them makes them less valuable to flippers and thieves
  2. Microchip your animals. It is inexpensive and the micro-chip can be identified and tracked to any vet across the country – keep the registry current – especially if you MOVE!
  3. Stay close. Do not leave pets unwatched in your yard or tied up outside of food markets or other stores. It just takes a couple of minutes alone for your pup to be taken away by a crook.
  4. Be diligent. In case you locate your pet on Craigslist or Facebook, and it’s being sold, it’s better to not confront the perpetrator. You might risk the safety of your pet. Secure contact details first and act as a buyer. In some occasions, police have escorted the real owner of the dog to the residence or meeting place where the flipper attempts to sell the owner their own pet back.
  5. In case your dog is missing go immediately to social media to help track down your pet and go to Craigslist and keep an eye on it everyday to see if you can locate the dog. Post photos and fliers of your dog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, circulate it via email. There are people who will compare your dog’s details and photo to any that they find on Craigslist.

Source: kfvs12.com and pijac.org

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  1. Andrea says:

    Keeping padlocks on gates are essential as well. Many thieves will open gates to make owners think their pets simply got out. Mine are always locked as my dogs have a dog door and can go out when they please.

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