Meet Megan: The Most Successful Drugs Dog

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Border Force Springer Spaniel Megan, 8, the most successful sniffer dog ever, has achieved an incredible 100 finds!

At this point, after detecting £30million ($49 million) of cocaine – some 220kg (485lb) – in 7 years on the job, the record-breaking springer spaniel is getting ready to retire.

Her handlers point out the secret of her success is her uncommon large nose and long muzzle.

Alan Thorpe, Dog Unit Team Leader mentioned: ‘She is by far the most successful drugs sniffer dog ever. Getting 100 finds is an amazing achievement, and it’s never been done before.’

Megan’s handler is Steven Martin, 29. She lives with 12 other dogs at a top secret location near Gatwick Airport, UK.

Far from work she is, he says, a sensitive dog, with a soft personality. However as soon as he puts her harness on, she is transformed. It’s, Steve says, a ‘superhero-type thing’. ‘When she wants to find the drugs, there’s nothing that will get in her way. Once she puts her harness on she has these powers and she goes off and does what she has to do.’

When she finds the scent, Megan will indicate at the strongest point of smell with a ‘freeze stare’, focused on it with her eyes and nose.

When her retirement day comes, she will go home with Steve and live with him or, when he’s at work, with his parents.


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