Man Sentenced to Time Served for Shooting Dog

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A 38-year-old Tacoma male who shot his dog to keep it from disobeying was sentenced Wednesday to what amounts to credit for time served.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Thomas Larkin likewise put William Walston on 2 years bench probation.

Walston was imprisoned in September after shooting his 5-year-old boxer, Zeus, with a hand gun. He informed police he shot the dog because it failed to listen to him and frequently ran away, court records indicate. The dog survived.

Investigating officers afterwards discovered guns and explosives in Walston’s apartment, and he likewise pleaded guilty to misdemeanor weapons charges.

He served 44 days in jail prior to pleading guilty to first-degree animal cruelty last month and has been on electronic-home monitoring while waiting for sentencing.

Prosecutors decided not to seek more jail time for Walston, an Army veteran, in case he sought treatment for post traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism and depression.

Deputy prosecutor Patrick Hammond said Wednesday that Walston has lived up to his side of the agreement.

“He actually did follow through with it,” Hammond said.

Larkin as well disallowed Walston from ever again owning a dog.


3 responses to “Man Sentenced to Time Served for Shooting Dog”

  1. Elizabeth Nazario says:

    I have strong feelings on animal cruelty.And this case I feel he got of lightly even if the dog lived.I can’t see how anyone could hurt a defenseless animal who depends .All they want is love.they don’t ask to be hurt.The laws are so lenient on these abuse case on animals.

  2. Deb says:

    What the hell? Why would this kind of shit be allowed? That is saying that is OK for people to do what ever they want to animals and that should not be. If you do something to an animal then you should do the time. Why is it ok to hurt animals and nothing is done about it. It needs to stop now!!!!!!

    • Brenda says:

      I totally agree,I feel if they can abuse or neglect an animal,they could do the same to a person with no remorse. This needs to stop!

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