Amazing Friendship: 500 lbs Lion And 11 lbs Wiener Dog

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A 500 lbs lion and a miniature Doxie have created an improbable friendship after the little dog took the king of the jungle under his wing as a cub.

Bonedigger, a five-year old male lion, and Milo, a seven-year old Dachshund, are so close that Milo will help the lion clean his teeth after dinner.

They have been inseparable throughout the last 5 years at G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

Bonedigger was given birth with a metabolic bone disease that left him slightly crippled.

When Milo and 2 other five-year old wiener dogs, Bullet and Angel, noticed that the cub was handicapped they wanted to comfort and protect him.

Bonedigger and his pack of dogs cuddle, feast on raw meat and play in the grounds together.

Park manager John Reinke, 43, works at the zoo where he experienced the bond develop between the improbable duo.

He said: ‘This friendship between an 11 pound wiener dog and a 500 pound lion is the only of it’s kind in the world ever seen.’

Milo frequently gives his best lion impression, replicating Bonedigger’s ‘puffing’ – a deafening lion growl that can be heard over a mile away.

‘Milo does his best to copy Bonedigger when the lion tries puffing to communicate with other lions in the park ,’ added John.


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