Introducing The Dog And The Baby

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In this week’s “Talking Baby”, CBS4 Morning Anchor Rhiannon Ally concentrates on bringing the baby home from the hospital. Not just will your life change forever, so will your dog’s.

All the brand new sights, sounds and smells might be puzzling to your dog, in particular in case it’s never been close to kids before.

Certified trainer Rose Lesniak has been working with dogs for 16 years. She said this is a typical issue for families, however there are things you could do to prepare your dog.

“Unfortunately a lot of people treat their dogs like babies. Then when the baby comes, the dog is no longer needed,” mentioned Lesniak.

However appropriate training can prevent these problems. She mentioned your dog requires training before baby comes or it can be risky for your baby.

Part of the difficulty with numerous families is they let their dogs to break free with behaviors such as jumping on furniture. Then as soon as baby comes, they instantly want them to stop.

Lesniak explained parents may correct this behavior with positive reinforcement. Tell them to get off and then reward them. Furthermore, give them love and treats off the furniture and disregard them when they are on it.

Lesniak mentioned dogs require to learn basic commands such as sit, stay, leave it and drop it well ahead of time. She added that parents should never leave their baby alone with any pet.

Stick to these guidelines and Lesniak said “You’ll have a happy dog, happy baby, happy parents.”


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