Rottweiler Ice Rescue Has Happy Ending

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A bold ice rescue had a happy ending as a family, in Berkeley County, South Carolina, was reunited with their Rottweiler.

“And I couldn’t get her out and I was just scared she might not make it out,” mentioned Buckey Silvous.

“So we all ran out just like a normal call. There were five of us on the unit, and we were just ready to go,” explained Matt Petry, South Berkeley County Volunteer Fire Company.

It was close to 5:30pm on Monday afternoon when firefighters received a call for an ice rescue and they hurried to the location to come across a concerned Silvous family.

“We were very scared because she was panicking, and stopped and was whining and carrying on and we just figured she was getting too tired and wouldn’t be able to make it out,” mentioned Ilavan Silvous.

However after a 10 minute rescue, firefighters were capable to safely return, Pistol, a 7 year old Rottweiler to her family.

“I was just happy. I mean I even shook their hand and thanked them because they did a real good job,” mentioned Buckey Silvous.

This was the first ice rescue they’ve had all year and firefighters say it’s always a very good feeling when the mission is successful.


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