How to Wash a Dog in 7 Steps

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Does your dog smell, or is always scratching? Here are some guidelines for washing your dog. Your pooch may resist in the beginning, however eventually he or she will enjoy the bath time.

1. Put together your workspace. Gather all the things you will require, towels, dog shampoo, dog conditioner and sponge and lay it out so it’s close at hand whenever needed. When getting the right temperature, remember that dogs have more sensitive skin. Keep it a lukewarm to warm temperature.

2. Brush the dog’s coat extensively. This is a good time to check out for any skin/coat/health problems while relaxing and showing your dog some love.

Here’s a funny “Dogs just don’t want to bath” video compilation:

3. Choose a good shampoo. In case your dog scratches a lot, determine if the scratching is from parasites, allergies, or simple skin irritation. In case your dog is affected by parasites, select a good flea or problem specific shampoo at a pet store or retail store. Otherwise, pick out a mild shampoo, or make the shampoo yourself, as numerous dogs are allergic to shampoos that contain chemicals.

4. Get your dog’s coat nice and wet, then apply the shampoo. Get started with the head. Ensure to massage shampoo into all of his creases, or rolls, such as under his front legs and neck. For optimum results, make use of your thumbs or fingers to massage in a circular motion.

5. Wash the head and face. This is really important in case your dog has or has had flea issues. It will wash them on to the body and consequently make it easier to eliminate as many as possible. Ensure that you don’t get shampoo in your dogs eyes, nose, ears, or mouth.

6. Rinse your dog till the water from his fur runs clear. Then rinse one more time. In case your dog shies from rinsing his face, make use of your hand to bring water from the faucet to his face repeatedly to rinse.

7. Get a towel, lay it over your dog’s back, and rub your dog dry. Ensure you dry the inside of his ears also. During winter, or for small dogs always lay a dry towel on the floor and employ a hair dryer and dog brush to dry and brush your dog.


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