How to Soothe a Dog Missing Their Owner

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Dogs, just like humans, have solid emotional relationships to their family. Dogs frequently feel frightened or stressed when separated from their owners, even just for a limited time. Relaxing a lonesome dog is not tough and will distract the dog till his owner returns.

Items you’ll require: dog food, toys and worn clothing

  • Step 1: Tell the owner to leave silently when dropping off the dog. Dogs are very sensitive and pick up on numerous voice and body signs, and the more hassle you make over the dog, the more likely she is to be annoyed.

Dogs really miss their owners… and when they meet them after a long period of time the result is heart-warming… Here’s the best “Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home” video compilation:

  • Step 2: Feed the dog a tiny quantity of her regular dog food. Eating provides the dog a feeling of comfort and distracts her from missing her owner.
  • Step 3: Take the dog for an extended walk. Walking burns off excess energy, and enables the dog to sniff and discover new territory. In case it is too cold to take the dog on a walk, a visit to the pet store is a great distraction.
  • Step 4: Offer the dog a new toy. Engage in a game of fetch or tug-of-war to maintain the dog busy and avoid her from pacing and searching for her owner. Treat-filled toys are specifically useful in entertaining a lonely dog.
  • Step 5: Present the dog with an article of clothing worn by her owner. Dogs have particularly effective noses, and worn clothing holds her owner’s scent for a long time. The dog will loosen up and be delighted by the acquainted smell of her owner.
  • Tip: Herbal soothing supplements are helpful for dogs with separation anxiety. Talk to your vet before giving any medication to the dog.
  • Warning: By no means reprimand a dog for anxious behavior. She is annoyed and shouldn’t be punished for being frightened.


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