Herding and the Rottweiler

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Did you know the Rottweiler is first and foremost one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of herding breeds with a recorded history of at least 2,000 years?

A multi-faceted herding and stock protection dog of outstanding ability, it really is in a position of working all sorts of livestock under a vast variety of conditions.

The Rottweiler was developed from the dogs used by the Roman legions to herd and guard the cattle brought by them to feed their soldiers. It was an arduous task to drive the cattle and a strong dog with staying power, full of self will and physical strength was needed.

Here’s a amazing video of an untrained Rottweiler showing his herding instinct:

Herding instinct is very high. The Rottweiler has a natural gathering style with a solid desire to control. He typically shows a loose-eye and has a great amount of force while working well off the stock. They make much use of their ability to intimidate.

Source: nationalrottweilercouncil.com

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    This is just wonderful to watch. Think of this way: The Rottweiler survived the bulls and now manages them. I am sure this beauty was happy to go to sleep that night. Love this. Thanks for sharing. Love the breed.

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