Why Do Dogs Love to Stick Their Heads Out the Car Window?

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For a lot of dogs, a trip in the car is genuine delight, and in case they get to put their head out the window while the car moves, it’s the closest they can be to heaven while still on earth. Although only dogs know why for certain, there are theories to describe this typical canine practice.


Although we cannot know without a doubt, the majority of dogs look like they’re having a good time hanging their head out the car window. The simple exhilaration of being out of the house and traveling someplace with their owner may be fun enough.

Here’s a video with the best “Wind In Dog’s Face” compilation:


Much like humans, dogs like to see where they are going and take a look at appealing sights on the way.


The most frequent explanation animal experts give for the canine joy of windsurfing out the car window is all the fascinating smells outside. Dog’s nose is incredibly powerful. It’s believed that a dog’s sense of smell is amongst ten thousand and one hundred thousand times better than a person’s, and his brain dedicates 40% more power to analyze smells than your own.


Although Fido may love to sniff in the wind of the open road, it isn’t completely safe. With his head hanging out the window, his eyes come to be dry and are subjected to any debris, dust or pebbles carried by the wind. In case your dog leans too much, he might fall out the window with terrible results.

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    That’s why our girl wears doggles

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