Firefighters Rescue Dog That Fell Into Icy Lake Michigan

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Touching video has came up of Chicago Fire Department divers rescuing a cute and very lucky dog that fell into icy Lake Michigan.

The dog had run on top of the frozen surface of the lake near the city’s Lakeshore Drive early last month and a Reddit user posted the footage on Friday.

The video shows the final heart-stopping instances of a scenario that could have ended in disaster for the dog and its scared owner who at first walked onto the delicate ice in an effort to save her pet.

‘This one just got a little too close,’ Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford told the Chicago Tribune following the January 10 incident.

‘She’s lucky she didn’t go through the ice.’

Rescuers showed up to the location on the South Side to locate the dog’s unidentified owner on the ice as the dog fought to stay alive in the 32F water.

‘Its head was the only thing above water,’ Langford explained. ‘He or she was treading to hold on and the diver went in and got him or her.’

Rescuers immediately reacted with two divers who ventured onto the ice and then into the water to pick out the pet.

Fortunately, the animal was a tame one.

‘When it’s a dog, it generally loses its fight pretty quick. This is a house dog. . .pet,’ he explained.

The animal was immediately covered in a warm blanket before being returned to its weeping, but very grateful, owner.


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