Female Boxer Enters Ring to Fight for Dogs

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Golden Glove champion Christina Beckles has not battled in the ring for 3 years! These days, she is back again at Brooklyn’s World Famous Gleason’s Gym, home to historic prize fighters, the spot where Hilary Swank grew to become Million Dollar Baby and where numerous legends got their star. Beckles will go center ring not looking for a title but fighting so dogs don’t have to.

The Sato Project operates on Dead Dog Beach, and the name says it all. On Vacation in Puerto Rico, Beckles noticed countless numbers of left behind dogs, and it altered what she wanted to fight for.

“There are 250 thousand stray dogs with only 4 shelters and a 99% euthanasia rate,” states Beckles.

Beckles changed their individual circumstances, adopting two of the dogs for her own. She then gave up her New York City job to start up the Sato Project – getting forever homes for 400 dogs in her 1st year.

“Unfortunately between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s primetime dumping on Dead Dog Beach,” adds Beckles.

Beckles got Amy Freeze into the ring to offer her her first boxing lesson, presenting the fundamentals of a sport that has numerous parallels to her quest. The focus, the power and the intention, she claims, is that not every single fight is won with a knockout, but jab by jab. She is decided to alter these dogs and their title.

“We are rebranding these dogs, known as ‘sato’, which signifies ‘street dogs’,” states Beckles, “it’s not endearing, but we hope to turn that around and make them the resilient symbol of Puerto Rico as their national dog!”

It really is a continuous challenge, but getting into the boxing ring this time is symbolic of a prize really worth winning. When Beckles steps into the ring, that is what she’s fighting for – the dogs. The fight willl also be streaming at the Dumbo Kitchen in Brooklyn.

Beckles would like to help modify not only the plight of the dogs on an individual level, she likewise desires to alter their reputation, into a beloved dog of Puerto Rico and beyond – similar to the Chihuahua in Mexico.

Source: ABC

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