Ellen DeGeneres Honors Firefighters Who Rescued a Dog

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Ellen DeGeneres had heroes on her show Tuesday. Ellen honored Wellesley Fire Department personnel who rescued a golden retriever from the Charles River a month ago.

The men and women were from Massachusetts and their viral video of saving the golden retriever Crosby had people all over the world amazed.

Based on Boston.com on Monday, the show flew the group to Hollywood to be on the show.

When referring to the efforts made for the dog on The Ellen Show, the firefighters made it out to be that it was no big deal that they save the dog from certain death.

Crosby was stuck in ice about 50 yards off the shore. According to the owner, the dog did not notice it was ice and seemingly though it was a meadow. As soon as the ice gave way there was little the owner could do other than get help as the ice was unstable.

“I am so glad it worked out,” mentioned Ellen DeGeneres about the incident. “And I am so glad you are here to say thank you.”

Wellesley Fire Captain Jim Dennehy, Paul Delaney, Dave Papazian, and Joan Cullinan all looked delighted to participate in the talk show segment, however it was evident this public safety team felt they were merely doing their job. Saving a dog, a human or a building structure was all part of the job.

Source: examiner.com

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