What Does a Dog’s Licking Really Mean?

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A few dogs are notorious lickers, licking almost everything around the corner; others may possibly just sneak you an occasional kiss. Licking can come from a myriad of emotions — from happiness to fear.

You Taste Good

In case you have ever had a desire for French fries or potato chips, you understand how gratifying it might be to fulfill a salt craving. Your skin has a natural salty taste, and the more you sweat the saltier you will get. Any time a dog curls up alongside you and begins licking your arm obsessively, he is just enjoying the tasty flavor of your skin. He’ll lick you clean till all that salty residue is gone.

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Feeling Happy

Licking was the primary sight of comfort your pooch recalls. His mom used to lick him from head to toe till he drifted off into a doggy wonderland. Therefore obviously, licking reminds him of something happy and produces pleasure hormones known as endorphins. Take the licking like an indication of affection.

Being Dominant

Dogs naturally have a social order in the group, so someone has to be the leader. Dog’s licking may be tied to dominance. He’s attempting to make it clear that he’s the head in the bunch.

Showing Anxiety

Compulsive licking is sometimes connected to anxiety. In case your dog licks everything on the horizon he could be anxious. Spend quality time with him and take him out no less than a couple walks daily. The exercise can calm him and can actually reduce a lot of the added stress from your workday.

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