Why Do Dogs Hate Getting Baths?

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There are several explanations why your dog might dislike getting a bath. Don’t stop trying… You must work with your dog frequently to make the bathing process less traumatic.

1. Inexperienced

Actually the most water-loving dog will probably be a little taken back the first couple of times he has a bath. Being sprayed with water, lifted in and out of the tub, having his body maneuvered… If inexperience is the sole reason for your dog’s dislike of baths, time might cure the problem.

2. Uncomfortable

In case the bathing process is not comfortable, you should not be amazed that your dog hates baths. Having the right equipment could make the process a lot more comfortable for you both. If you do not have suitable facilities to bath your dog pleasantly, think about using a waterless bath, which you just spray or sprinkle on his coat and brush out.

Here’s the funny ‘Dogs just don’t want to bath’ compilation:

3. Cold Water

Whether you are bathing your dog outside with the garden hose or in a heated bathroom, he’s never going to take pleasure in cold water pouring over him. In case you have to bath him outdoors, bring warm water from the kitchen. If you’re in a position to bath him in the bathroom, check the water before you begin spraying him to ensure it’s a comfortable temperature.

4. Sprayed In Face

It’s difficult to get your dog’s face clean and washed, however avoid make the mistake of pouring water over his head. Although you might think getting it over with quickly will make it better for your dog, he’ll find it scary. Rather, wash his face with a wet washcloth, applying just a little shampoo. Make use of the same process with a well-rinsed washcloth to rinse his face.

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