Dog Rescued From Icy Lake

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James Forbes has been looking through his lens and telling stories.

However Sunday he observed one take place right before his very eyes.

“As soon as I walked up the firemen stepped out on the ice, and I realized I was right at the beginning of the event, not the end,” says St. Louis Post Dispatch Chief Photographer James Forbes. “That’s when I ran back to the car and grabbed this monster.”

It was his long lens which he uses on the weekend to shoot the Cardinals, Rams, or some eagles near Alton, Illinois.

However Sunday, Forbes was decided to tell the story of a Doberman that got away from his owner.

“But he said it took one look at those geese and just raced out there, and he couldn’t stop it,” tells Forbes.

The dripping wet dog had been in the icy water in O’Fallon Park in north St. Louis for at least 20 minutes.

“If I can tell the complete story from start to finish, all the better with my camera,” says Forbes. “That’s kind of what that showed there.”

When it was all said and done, it was just another day for rescue squad number one.

“Happy ending all around,” says Forbes.


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