Dog Rescued by Fishermen, Found Treading Water in Florida

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Imagine being out on a boat, looking out on the water and seeing — a dog’s snout?

That’s what a few fisherman came across last week in the waters of Tampa Bay — a small dog that was treading water, about 1 mile offshore, and nobody knows for just how long.

She is unharmed now, and waiting to be reunited with her owner — who might not even know she’s still living.

Her name is “Baby.” It says so right on her rhinestone collar and little pink bone tag.

There is actually a number on the back of the tag with a 305 area code — however her rescuers point out that number is disconnected.

Anthony Basile took her in from the fishermen who spotted her out in the waves.

“On the horizon they could see just her nose sticking out of the water,” Basile explained.

FOX 13 News

The fishermen pulled into the St. Petersburg’s Demen’s Landing Thursday morning, where Anthony Basile was paying his dock fee.

“I put towels on her. Warm towels on her, put the heat on in the boat. She shook for ten hours straight,” Basile mentioned. “When we first found her, I didn’t think she was going to live.”

Basile estimates the little dog had been in the water for 6 to 8 hours. She was cold and scared, and required help.

“I would just pet her and feed her by hand, and give her water. It took all night,” he mentioned.

But now she trusts him, and will not let him out of her sight. A scan uncovered a microchip, however the number does not work.

It all appears to lead to one dead end after another. However Basile says there is no doubt in his mind: this is someone’s dog. She may trust him now, however she is trying to find her owner.

“It makes me want to cry,” Basile says, holding back tears. “It’s sad. The dog’s lost. She can’t do anything for herself, she needs help. Nobody seems to be able to find anything.”

Basile said he will continue to keep her as long as he can, hopeful that he can get her back to her rightful owner. Otherwise, he says he will work to locate a good home for her, perhaps with one of his family members.

For the time being, he expects someone recognizes her, and comes forward.


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