Dog Has Four Prosthetics After Cruel Owners Tore All His Legs Off

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A Siberian husky dog that had all 4 of its legs cruelly ripped off is at this point capable to walk once again due to the commitment and kindness of a veterinarian and the generosity of people touched by his story.

The dog, named Da Hei, was brought in to the surgery of vet Mr Liu in China’s Dalian city in terrible condition in 2010.

The men left, saying they had to get some money from the bank, however never came back.

Mr Liu told CCTV News: ‘At the time Da Hei was in really bad shape. First I had to remove the dead skin and flesh from his limbs. Then I performed amputation on the bones. He’s a survivor.’

Da Hei, who’s 7 years old, took 19 days to recuperate from the traumatic operation, but Mr Liu was determined that he wouldn’t simply survive his injuries – but that he would walk again.

With the help of donations from many kind people, he commissioned a prosthetic limb manufacturer to produce artificial limbs for Da Hei.

It took 8 months to perfect them so that they fitted appropriately and Da Hei does find it uncomfortable to walk on them – however at least he’s now in a position to move around freely.

Mr Liu now sees Da Hei as his responsibility and has taken the dog in.


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