Abandoned Dog Nurses 6 Kittens

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A very special dog, named Theresa, arrived at the Animal Care League (ACL) in November. She was discovered in an alley late one night by an Oak Park Police Officer. Cold, matted and dirty she was brought to the ACL for care. The little Shih Tzu Mix was found to have engorged teats a sign of a recent litter of pups (who were nowhere to be found). Additionally she was not able to use her hind legs.

A couple of days prior to the dog’s arrival a stray Mom cat and her 8 kittens were likewise brought to our shelter. The Mom cat had mastitis which was making it painful and hard to nurse her baby kittens. It was made the decision that the kittens would have to be bottle fed. After a day of staff, techs, and volunteers attempting to keep the kittens’ bellies full, the vet made a decision to find out if Theresa would help to care for the in-need kittens.

They were really astonished when this dog, matted and displaced and not able to even stand, accepted these kittens on like her own. That was the time when the cute Shih Tzu became “Mother Theresa”. In following weeks, Theresa cared for and protected her improbable litter, giving the kittens an opportunity at a new beginning. At about 6 weeks of age Theresa’s kittens were in a position to eat on their own and were put into a foster home.

At this point, Theresa deserves also her own opportunity at a new beginning. Despite the fact that with exercise, regular meals, and plenty of TLC Theresa is doing far better she still has some lameness in her back legs. She will require diagnostic testing to figure out what is in fact wrong. These diagnostic tests are above and beyond what the ACL is capable to do in-house, and in case surgery will be required Theresa’s medical care could be in the thousands.

If you want to help you donate to the Animal Care League Medical Fund today. Your donation will help get Theresa the medical care she needs and will allow ACL to help other amazing, selfless, and inspiring animals who may have a medical need in 2014.

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