The Dog Hero: A True Animal Story

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Kathie Vaughan was driving the used truck she had bought that morning when it all of a sudden began to fishtail.

She eventually managed to get the vehicle to a stop with a loud screech. However her problems had just commenced. The cabin interior was filling fast with dangerous fumes and black smoke.

The majority of people could very well have simply jumped out of the vehicle, however Kathie is a paraplegic-paralyzed from the waist down by multiple sclerosis. Her truck was on fire and she realized she could be blown up at any time.

Kathie shoved her Rottweiler Eve out the door, together with her wheelchair. However because of the thick black smoke, she wasn’t able to locate the wheels to the chair.


She had to escape right away, before the truck exploded. That’s when Eve, her dog, proved herself to be a true hero.

In danger of blacking out, Kathie all of a sudden felt Eve, refusing to desert her, get her leg with her jaws. Eve securely grasped Kathie by the ankle and dragged her 10 feet to relative safety. Then the truck burst into flames. Disregarding the horrific fire, Eve dragged Kathie to a close by ditch.

The firemen eventually extinguished the blaze. And Eve was awarded the prestigious Stillman Award for bravery.


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