Dog Comes After Owner To Hospital To Ensure He’s OK

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A doggy named Burke is definitely earning the nick name of man’s best friend.

Following an apparently drunk truck driver crashed into an Idaho home a week ago, wounding Burke’s family, the black Great Dane is thought to have followed an ambulance to a hospital looking for his owner, Jeffrey Groat.

Based on The Associated Press, Burke was located near the hospital’s emergency room and taken in by a local resident Thursday. It was not till the man observed a photo of the dog together with an article regarding the accident in a daily newspaper, that it became pretty obvious what took place.

“[Burke’s] been hanging out in the guy’s living room,” Brandi Bieber, a family friend, informed the Coeur d’Alene Press. “They picked him up Thursday night near the emergency room. We think maybe the dog followed the ambulance and sounds of the sirens.”

With the hospital only a mile away, it’s actual feasible that Burke tracked his owner to the facility. In fact, dogs have been known to travel substantial distances searching for their owners. A year ago, a 7-year-old husky named Zander sulked for days after his owner checked into a hospital, but the pet succeeded to trail the man down and waited with patience outside the building, which was Two miles away.

While hospitalized with a broken collarbone, shoulder and ribs, Groat consistently questioned about Burke, who he believed had gone missing soon after the truck plowed through his house. On Saturday, after the resident noticed Burke’s photo in the paper, Groat was lastly reunited with his beloved pup.

“It was unbelievable,” Groat said to the Press, talking about the surprise reunion arranged by his friends. “It made my day. I didn’t even feel my broken bones then.”


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