Dachshund Adopts Paralyzed Cat

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A paralyzed cat and a dog have turn out to be improbable friends after being discovered abandoned at the bottom of a Florida driveway.

Ruth the cat might not be in a position to move without problems however has nothing to worry thanks to her dedicated companion Idgie. The two-year-old dachshund is so protective of the young cat that when rescue staff found them 3 months ago, Idgie barked and growled anytime anyone attempted to approach.

Aside from Ruth the cat having the ability to move just by pulling herself along on her front paws, the animals seemed to have been well cared for.

‘We actually don’t know what’s wrong with her. We think it may have been something she was born with,’ Diane Gagliano, of Seminole County Animal Services, mentioned.

‘It was really a strange situation – both of them were found in fairly good shape, not filthy or malnourished, so it seems as though they probably had a home at some point,’ she said.

Recognizing that they would need a special home together, Seminole Services approached Jacqueline Borum who runs the Project Paws pet charity. However Ms Borum was so moved by their plight that she offered to house the cat and dog herself, at her Hollywood Houndz pet store. Idgie now keeps a close watch on Ruth from their large play pen in the store. Whenever she gets a new toy she brings it over to show the cat, and she curls up around her feline companion.

‘We’ve seen friendships between dogs and cats before, but never anything like this,’ Ms Borum mentioned, adding that in case another dog strays too close to Ruth then Idgie will start to growl and bark.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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