Precious Pups Rescue: New York’s Chihuahua Rescue Home

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Dog rescuer Laura Zambito has assured a happy Christmas for these 32 unwanted and abandoned Chihuahua puppies.

The dogs, quite a few purchased as fashion accessories, were taken in by Laura’s no kill animal shelter from pounds across the US. Thousands of Chihuahuas are killed every year by shelters unable to continue to house them…

Laura, who runs Precious Pups Rescue in New York, took in the large dog delivery a month ago and is right now seeking to re-home the animals.

If you want to HELP go here:

2 responses to “Precious Pups Rescue: New York’s Chihuahua Rescue Home”

  1. diana besaw says:

    I have been trying sooo hard to find me a family of chiuahuas(little ones) I live near Plattsburgh new York.i have a nice home and a perfect back yard and plenty of blankies for everyone.most of all I have lotsof love to give.i hope someone will help to bring youall I don’t drive anymore.the

  2. Anita Joss says:

    My neighbors just lost their Chihuahua at age 9. They are devastated, and want another Chihuahua, preferably a puppy. They have no internet, but you can Carol Bristol at 315-298-4495. You can reach me at 315-391-6621.
    We are north of Syracuse, near Pulaski, NY. I would be willing to help them travel a reasonable distance to look at the puppies. They would prefer a male, tricolor, with short hair if possible.
    I appreciate your help.

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