Blind Puppy’s Brother Is His Seeing Eye Dog

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You’ve heard of seeing eye dogs for blind people, now take a look at this seeing-eye dog for a blind dog.

A video produced by Engagement Studios highlights a couple of dogs, Jeffrey and Jermaine, who are roughly 8 months old and have been rescued by Operation Ava in Philadelphia after they were discovered wandering across the city. The shelter thinks Jeffrey is blind in his left eye and can most likely only see shadows out of his right eye, possibly because of a congenital birth issue or damage. His brother Jermaine has basically turn out to be his guide, therefore it is tough to think about adopting one without the other.

However they might get a new family in the near future. The shelter stated on its website that it had been receiving applications to adopt the dogs till Nov. 19 and is in the process of sorting through them.

Source: Time

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