Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

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Rottweilers… Gentle giants or vicious brutes?

Looking on one hand, you have a warm and friendly breed that is described in children’s books like “Good Dog Carl,” while on the other hand, you have a dangerous Cujo that is banned in several towns. Child-book material or horror movie character?

The size of a dog takes on a large role in regards to evaluating how dangerous that dog can be. The Rottweiler belongs to the molosser category, which encompasses solidly built dogs, usually quite large in size.

Outfitted with a large head and wide jaw, this breed has a remarkable crushing force when it comes to biting. Thankfully, Rottweilers seem not to be conscious of this, however in the wrong hands, these strong dogs can be practically as dangerous as a loaded gun.

In most cases Rottweilers are not the snarling, slobbering, dangerous beasts as the media occasionally describes them. If you take a look at the breed standard, Rottweilers are good-natured, placid dogs who are fond of children, devoted, obedient, biddable and eager to work, according to ADRK, the General German Rottweiler Club of Germany.

Here’s a gentle Rottweiler causing a baby laugh attack:

Figuring out if a breed is dangerous demands a number of considerations. Bite stats categorized by dog breed might look like a trustworthy source of info, however they do not consider the environment in which the dog was raised, the conditions surrounding the bite or the type of bite.

A much better understanding on the breed’s capability to deal with humans and the environment might be attained by taking a look at individual temperament breed scores gathered by the American Temperament Test Society.

Since the latest testing, out of 5,545 Rottweilers tested, a good 4,652 passed while 893 failed. This gives the Rottweiler breed a score of 83.9 percent, which is an above average score taking into consideration that the total of dogs tested averaged a score of 82.8 percent.

Considering that border collies scored 81.3 percent, Chihuahuas scored 68.3 percent and boxers scored 83.4 percent, overall, the Rottweiler’s score is not bad in any way.


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