Square-faced dogs are now a thing in Taiwan

Due to a recent dog grooming trend, pooches in Taiwan have been sporting square- and sphere-shaped hairstyles. Because, you know, normal-shaped dogs are just so passé.Due to a recent dog grooming trend, pooches in Taiwan have been sporting square- and sphere-shaped hairstyles. Because, you know, normal-shaped dogs are just so passé.

Time to Get a New Owner, Dawg.

A man tried an experiment on his ridiculously cute shiba inu to see whether it noticed its box seat shrinking smaller and smaller. The gig was up after the second box but no one told the owner, who kept placing exponentially smaller seats until his poor dog couldn’t even fit a paw in.


A Man Was Walking By A Lake When He Discovered A Dog Doing The Most Incredible Thing. I’m Stunned!

Sometimes, the most wonderful (and almost life-changing) things can happen to us at random.

While going on a walk with his dog, this man passed by a lake. It was an ordinary day, but he soon discovered something in that lake that made it extraordinary. His dog suddenly and excitedly ran into the water, spraying water everywhere.

At first, he wasn’t sure what his dog was doing…

The dog wasn’t chasing an animal or fetching a stick, he was actually grabbing a baby bird that he spotted drowning in the water. As a Labrador Retriever, his instincts are to fetch things for his owner. But, there’s something about this retrieval that was heartwarming: he was saving the baby bird.

Weighed down by water, the little bird was nearly drowning. Thanks to the heroic hound, he was brought safely back to his shore and the dog’s owner. What a good boy!

It’s unbelievable that this dog just knew what to do. Share his amazing feat with others by clicking on the button below.

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Here Are 22 AWESOME Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs. Who Would’ve Thought?

Disclaimer: I love dogs. There, I said it.

It’s out there in the open, and we can all move on, right?

Nope 😉

Here are my 22 favorite things about dogs. From super eating abilities to the guiltiest faces you’ll ever see, I promise you’ll love them. And love your furry little child a little more in the process.

Labrador retrievers are the most popular dogs on the planet. And the most guilty.

Dog urine can corrode metals. In fact, several lampposts in Croatia actually collapsed because so many dogs were peeing on them.

Dogs have 18 separate muscles to independently control each ear.

Why a wet nose? Dogs detect scent by absorbing the water droplets that carry smells.

Your dog’s earliest ancestor is the Miacis, a small weasel-like creature which lived 40 million years ago. Dogs share this ancestor with wolves, raccoons and bears.

Like small dogs? Some Pekingese dogs were bred soley to fit in women’s sleeves.

Square-headed dogs (like St. Bernards) can hear subsonic sounds better than dogs with narrow heads (like Spaniels).

But tiny dogs, like Chihuahuas, can hear sounds in higher ranges than big dogs.

Dogs can hear, smell, and even taste a storm long before a weatherman. So don’t worry about watching The Weather Channel next hurricane season.

Male dogs lift their legs when they pee as a sign of dominance.

Puppies are born blind, deaf, and toothless.

When dogs dig after pooing, they’re not burying anything – they’re marking their territory using scent glands in their paws.

A dog’s nose is exactly like a human fingerprint. Seriously, it can be used to prove identity. Good luck sticking a dog’s face in some ink without making the mother of all messes, though.

The first sense puppies learn is touch.

But! They don’t really enjoy hugging. In the canine world, putting your limb over another animals signifies dominance.

Dogs form their tongues into a mini cup to drink. They don’t lick the water!

Beagles are the noisiest dogs.

Akita Inus are the most badly behaved dogs around – owning one could even negatively affect your home insurance.

Wish your little guy went to the bathroom faster? Check this out. Guide dogs poo on command!

Border Collies and Poodles are thought to be the most intelligent dogs.

Afghan Hounds and Basenjis are thought to be the least intelligent.

And… Huskies tell the worst jokes 😉

(H/T BuzzFeed) OMG don’t you feel like buying a puppy now?! I already have two so I think I’ve hit my quota… well, maybe not! Seriously, impress your friends with your super dog knowledge by sharing below.

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Canine Companions Show Us All What True Love Looks Like

When two dogs got themselves into a dangerous situation, they proved that dogs DO love unconditionally – even for other dogs. These two dogs were in China’s Hunan province when one accidentally fell into a hole inside of an alley.

Her companion proved just how loyal and loving dogs can be.

After his companion fell into a deep gutter, the white dog refused to leave her side.

He guarded where he fell, barking and trying to bring help for his friend.

He was by her side for over 10 hours.

His barking woke up a 77 year-old nearby. At first, she went back to sleep… but he was still there hours later, so she called for help.

A local man named Hei Ge gained the big male’s trust and then slowly fished the female out from the deep crevice she fell into.

Once she was free, both dogs were visibly happy to be reunited.

As soon as the bigger male dog knew his companion was okay, they made their way home.

As they ran down the street, they could be seen joyously playing with each other.

Dogs are wonderful creatures, capable of love and forgiveness that most humans couldn’t even dream about having. If you were moved, you should share this and let other people see the touching story.


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Justin Bieber’s Dad Accused of Throwing His Dog, Karma, Off a Balcony

Another Justin Bieber pet, another terrible, depressing story.

TMZ reports that trainer Trevor Dvernichuk was hired to help with Karma,a dog Bieber got last year and held an online contest with fans to help name him. Dvernichuk said things turned ugly when Bieber’s dad Jeremy got angry when the dog reportedly bit his son Jaxon.

Dvernichuk told The Sun the dog was given to him in February of this year but never picked it up. Bieber orginally got Karma in Canada in December of 2013, when TMZ also rightly predicted he would likely abandon the pet. If you’re keeping count, this now the third time (that we know of) when Bieber has reportedly abandoned a pet he made a big fuss over on social media.

Source: jezebel.com

Firefighter Saves Puppy Using Mouth to Mouth

A firefighter in Spain, Jose Carlos Cortes, 42, is being called a hero after saving a two-month-old puppy that was found unconscious after being pulled from a house fire.

The puppy was found passed out from lack of oxygen, lying under a stairwell.

Upon noticing the dog, he quickly snatched it up, and got it out of the smoking building.

Immediately, he put an oxygen mask over the dog’s face, and began chest compressions.

Source: lifewithdogs.tv